About our Organization where i am associated with

First, Al Jazeera Advocates is a reputable and well established law firm in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and the GCC.

Second, Al Jazeera provides its clients with comprehensive ranges of legal services in different sectors of law, whereby it succeeded during the last decade in being one of the prominent and well established law firms in the U.A.E.

Al Jazeera is proud to note that due to its success in safeguarding its clients interests, Al Jazeera became one of the best listed law firms in providing litigation and consultancy services.

Third, Al Jazeera has become the legal representative of the all the operating financial organizations and Banks in the U.A.E, whereby it provide its legal services through its internal and external branches in the U.A.E and Abroad.

Fourth, Mr. Jihad El Haddad, supervises the heads of the different legal departments at Al Jazeera in addition to his position Mr. Jihad El Haddad has a vast experience in corporate laws, specifically drafting contracts including but not limited to joint ventures, Memorandum of Understandings, Distribution Agreements, Loan Agreements, shareholders Agreements, emplacements Agreements.

Mr. Jihad El Haddad is in charge of the corporate and commercial department at the law firm head office in Dubai consisting of 5 legal consultants with high potentials dedicated to serve the biggest reputable corporate entities in the U.A.E and Abroad.

Mr. Jihad El Haddad has a considerable experience in the real estate disputes, whereby he afforded during the last decade a considerable experience in the real estate market in Gulf Region in General and in United Arab Emirates In particular.

He is carrying on the companies’ incorporation procedures in the U.A.E and abroad. He is in charge of the corporate and commercial department at the law firm head office in Dubai. He is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

Fifth, Al Jazeera International Group is comprised of the following departments: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Contracts, Police Cases and Debt Recovery Services. Each department has an appointed administrative head manager, who is well versed in the law and holds either a master or a doctorate educational qualification.

Sixth, Al Jazeera has been established 18 years ago, eleven years of which was in partnership with another law firm and the remaining seven years as an independent law firm under the management of Dr. Al Bayaa.

Seventh, our law firm in its main branch is comprised of Twenty Five legal consultants and lawyers who are assigned to different legal departments. All of which are supervised by a general manager who assures that all of our employees’ needs and questions are answered accordingly.

Eighth, there are Four hundred Fifty employees in total who work for Al Jazeera, each are attributed a position according to their educational and professional expertise. Each employee is closely supervised and his or her work comes under revision every three months of their employment.

Ninth, in the U.A.E., Al Jazeera has five branches within the following Emirates: our head office in Dubai, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Outsource Zone, Nour Islamic Bank Building Branch, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Tenth, we have a very successful Collections Department operating from Dubai Outsource Zone which is attributed the task of reclaiming and safeguarding our client’s rights from defaulting customers.

Eleventh, Al Jazeera has an Auctioning Department along side its legal department which pursues the business of auctioning privately owned properties.

Twelfth, we have put in place a department which is specialized in supervising and executing the Courts judgments so as to safeguard our client’s rights and interests. This department assures that the Courts ruling is executed and that our client receives what has been legally awarded.

Thirteenth, our law firm’s institutional organization, management and human resources are modelled according to the institutional structures of international corporations thus assuring greater success.

About Al Jazeera

Established 10 year Back, Al Jazeera is one of the largest law firms in the Middle East region today. We employ more than 360 staff, with offices throughout the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras aL Khaimiah as well as offices in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Syria.

Al Jazeera specializes in Banking & Finance, Construction & Engineering, Corporate Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Family Business & Private Client Practice, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Maritime, Aviation & Insurance, Media, Property, and Telecommunications. An international team of high caliber lawyers ably serves clients from Iran, India, North America, the United Arab Emirates and several other Arab countries. Each member of our team of professionals and qualified administrative staff is fully committed to providing our clients with accurate, thorough and cost effective advice.

We pride ourselves on our complete knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable to our home jurisdiction and the commercial community abroad. Throughout the Middle East we regularly confer with government ministries and departments. The firm assists multinational companies and family owned businesses in establishing operations in the Region independently, or in association with local partners.

Knowing your Clients

What distinguishes Al Jazeera is that it understands the local culture by being a part of the community. Emphasis on local knowledge and abilities has been and will continue to be a critical component of all Al Jazeera offices. The firm continues to build on the Al Jazeera model of providing comprehensive legal and advocacy services with the ability to litigate on behalf of clients directly in their local courts. This gives all Al Jazeera offices a service level advantage over firms in the region that clients truly need and appreciate. Only by establishing locally and offering local expertise can the gap be bridged between an international and local law firm. This is what Al Jazeera has done in the UAE, Lebanon, Quatar, Jordan & Syria. This is what Al Jazeera will continue to do in new jurisdictions throughout the Middle East.

Construction & Engineering

Publications Lawyers

Construction is a key component of the economy and in the development of most countries. The Middle East is a recognized world leader in this field, indeed, many would say a pioneer. Infrastructure projects in the Gulf have increased substantially in both number and sophistication over the last decade. The UAE in particular has witnessed a phenomenal construction boom across many sectors, including commercial, leisure, retail, education, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing and transportation. As a consequence of this boom in construction, the focus of all major stakeholders on methods of construction procurement and construction-related laws in the Middle East is more intense than ever.

Al Jazeera construction law specialists address the commercial needs of our regional and international clients from inception to project completion. Many hold dual qualifications in law and engineering and are internationally renowned for their expertise in the construction sector. We advise on a wide range of issues including corporate set ups, procurement, contract negotiations, dispute resolution, arbitration and advocacy in local courts.

The increasing number and complexity of claims on construction projects is becoming a major feature of the construction industry. Our long standing experience in the region and in-depth knowledge in dealing with all types of claims under various forms of contracts, such as FIDIC, EPC and BOT/BOO are increasingly sought by our clients as part of their risk management strategy.

Our Construction & Engineering practice has advised on some of the region’s landmark projects, acting for major stakeholders including investment banks, institutional developers, government ministries, contractors and consultants, on the national, regional and international levels. Major projects by their nature, scale and value demand that our team is familiar with our clients’ core businesses and their industries as well as addressing projects’ commercial risks, some of which are unique to the individual project in question.

Our clients often need their lawyers to be creative, applying lateral thinking techniques, having a wider commercial perspective of the issues involved and communicating effectively with their advisors, as well as directly with them. Al Jazeera clients benefit from the firm’s ability to harness, often at short notice, a dedicated project team, maximizing service value and responsiveness.

Our lawyers keep their clients updated with information on current market and industry trends, in accordance with our general philosophy of giving clients more and going beyond the norm. This philosophy has contributed greatly to the success and growth of the firm.